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Executor Exchange, LLC provides fiduciaries with a network of service providers available to assist in the administration of an estate or trust. Whether it’s finding the perfect realtor to list the decedent’s property for sale or hiring the best company to facilitate the estate sale, look no further… Executor Exchange has you covered.


Perspective & Experience

Executor Exchange was founded and developed by two Florida-based attorneys who specialize in probate estate and trust administrations. With Florida’s large retiree population, many of their clients lived outside of Florida. Because they are not local, they had no network of professionals to rely on in selling a property, organizing an estate sale or having jewelry appraised. That’s where Executor Exchange, LLC comes in… we are your one stop shop for companies who can cover your estate administration needs from start to finish.


Our Mission

Our mission at Executor Exchange is to help executors, professional representatives, trustees and fiduciaries carry out their obligations in a one-stop-shop for referrals to meet the most common professionals needed during an estate administration.

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01. Tell us what service you need.


02. EE will match you with appropriate service providers based upon your geographic location.


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Search our network of professionals to find one who meets your needs. If you're stuck, let us know the details on your project or whatever it is you're hoping to accomplish. We ll let you know if it's something we can help with. Our professionals are looking forward to helping with your estate administration needs.

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